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Agar hamara shani grah accha hai to hame iron,steel,transport,railway part ,PWD aur airlines Adi chetro par focus rakhna chaiye. Ant main bat karte hai chandra grah se sambandhit agar apka chandra grah accha hai. To apko dairy product , water supply, pepsi ,ice cream ,adi chetro par focus rakh na chaiye.

Agar apko naukri ya business se related samasyao ka samna karna padraha hai to aap apna horoscope check kara kar v bataiye gai tips ko follow kar aapna career set kar sakte hai. Aaj ke is article main hamne jana kee ham apne career ko astrology ke madhyam se horoscope check kara kar ke kaise ek acchi job ya business kar sakte hain.

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Free Astrology Tips on Our Blog. Whatsapp Us. Skip to content. November 3, Astrologer Yogendra 2 Comments. Panch Mahapurush Yoga: The condition of this yoga is Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Venus if goes to their own house or exalted sign or rashi and that becomes kendra from lagna so that will make a very high profile businessman. Laxmi Yoga:.

Combination of 1st and 9th house lords in Kendra or Kona. Bhadra Yoga: The planet of communication and business Mercury should be in kendra which should also be its exaltation sign. Your 2nd, 6th, 10th, 11th house connection will say everything about your career in Job. About 2nd house I have said so many things above.

Just one thing to remember — in case of Job or Service, if the connection only between these four houses and represents Job or Service, so 2nd house will be counted as — how much salary you are getting at your hand. Any bad influence on 2nd house or lord will affect your salary badly. A strong 2nd house and lord always gives a satisfactory or high paid Job with less work.

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In case of high paid job — 10th house also plays an important role, but, the salary will be decided by 2nd house mainly. The 10th house is very important house for any kind of career. It may be Job or business. So from the starting of the career this house will be in action. This action or karma could be anything — writer, social worker, doctor, advocate etc. What kind of action it would be for different individuals that would be decided by other combinations.

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Job is also a part of that. Thus, it will affect your future promotions. If you are expecting sudden promotions to a very high post so then your 9th house and lord and Sun should also be strong beside the 10th. Various Planets represents various department according to their significations. Role of Planets in Choosing — Job or Business:. Planets are also very important. If it is the matter of service so, the same will happen, but in different way. Sun and Mercury always tends to make an independent person — means businessman. Only exception is in 3rd house.

It may happen due to some other combinations, that — in first half of his life he will be in job but after a certain age he will be doing something on his own capability, something which will be independent. Especially, Saturn. If Saturn is placed in 3rd house, so the person will do his own business but it will flourish fully after 35 years of age.

To determine career path — so many other combinations are there. I will discuss on this topic more deeply and elaborately in future. Also Read:. Career according to Zodiac Signs Or Rashi. Experience: 15 Years. Specialization: Dr. Share The Article On :. Dear Sir, I need your help on urgent basis. I am facing lot of problems in my current job private job with lot of people creating obstacles in my work and plotting against me to discredit my work and my job is also under some risk. I am facing abusive language from seniors and am feeling that it has started affecting me physically as well and I dont think I will be able to continue in this job much longer as I am feeling extremely harassed, I am still in this job as I have to support my family.

I have tried to move out and had appeared in an interview also in end of July and 1st week of Aug which went well but it has not been closed till now and it appears that it has got stuck. My Date of Birth is 19th May, Time of Birth is I am currently doing job in construction company, and I am planning to start a business.

I am not sure if this will be a wise decision. Career Astrology Report is a specialized service which helps one to get the answers to all the questions of their career and future progress in career.

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Career report helps to denote the future path and progress in the career because a wrong career choice can hamper the future selection of career. Career Horoscope by Moon signs denotes the possibility of career due to the position of Moon and Career Horoscope by date of birth and time stresses on the time and complete date of birth of a person. Career counseling is a process that will help you to analyse and understand your choice and need to adapt certain career choice. Career counseling report will involves scientific attitude that may help one to get through the right choice of their path.

Now days there are lot of professional courses which makes one confused about right choice of their career. In the career report complete analysis of the horoscope is first and the foremost step of profession planning because it is proved that position of planets in a horoscope plays a major role in career planning.

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How it is known? You must have noticed that some children love to study math and some are good in arts and literature. This is due to the position of planets and the benefic planets in the career house i. Tenth house determines career and profession. But apart from 10th house, ascendant Lord also plays a very vital role in shaping personality and profession of a person. As for example, we can find good writers, if Saturn is placed in the third house and a benefic Mars makes one excellent surgeon.

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Career Astrology Report Counseling might help the students and their parents to know the pros and cons of the different streams, courses and educational options and their professional path. Choosing a profession that matches one aptitude and interests can help to achieve good and strong professional field. This report helps students to choose a field that is in tune with their skills and their aptitude. Thus, with the help of career report , most candidates can get correct choice and would end up choosing the right career, and perform their level best, which ultimately help them to succeed.

It is difficult for both parents and students to get exact choice, therefore proper counseling helps one to define their career properly without any doubt. Career counseling helps to choose a particular career goal and planning, giving an accurate direction to the career. Through astrology report , an analysis can be done both by the students and by the parents to know appropriate choice of their wards.

The Moon positive makes one responsible, popular, sincere, reliable, and imaginative. In the negative side of the Moon, the native becomes short tempered, submissive to women, unfortunate, restless, disappointed and neglected too. Influence of house and planets in horoscope In Vedic astrology, we assess career by blending the influences of key houses and planets.

The most important houses we analyse are first house of lagna. If we analyse only one house before making a judgement, this would be lagna. Aries: — Army, Police, surgeon, mechanics, iron and steel, and fire fighter. Taurus: — Luxury good, jewellery, cosmetics, music, actors and banking tailors. Gemini: — Accountants, media and journalism, representatives, translator, writers.

Cancer: — Naval and marine, nursing, interiors design and food and petroleum Leo: — Government Job, religions and diplomacy. Virgo: — Computing, accounting, doctors and healing. Libra: — Judge, artists, receptionists, advertising, interiors and decorating. Scorpio: — Chemicals, liquid, athletes, clothing and shoes. Sagittarius: — Law, banking, religion.

Capricorn: — Lumber and mining and mineral extraction Aquarius: — Advisors, philosophers, astrologers and engineer. Pisces: — Doctors, oil painting, hospitals and prisons.