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Virgo September 2019: They Are Completely Obsessed With You Virgo ❤

With this new moon, I honor my unique way of using what I have in my professional grasp, when and where I can. Doing so requires effort as much as rest. It requires planning as much as it does dreaming. It requires me to develop my talents as much as it requires me to play without needing to produce. I focus on staying on track as much as I allow myself pathways to get lost down. My creativity needs to roam. Needs time and space to experience its wildness. Needs no one to tell it what to do or where to be. I may at times think that I am in charge of this process, but the real boss is the process.

I am here to serve it, see it through, get out of its way as best I can and be in support of its tangents. I need it to help me appreciate the mystery of the moment. When I doubt my creations because they are not finished fast enough, I know that is a form of sabotage.

I know that this kind of battle is waged with little pellets of doubt. Shrapnel that consists of criticism that splinters into the system. Shards of poison that develop into despair. I know that so many would rather conform than let the power of their paradigm-shattering creativity run the show. I know that we cannot keep living as we do and stay here for long, so I pledge allegiance to the innovative ideas that keep me up at night. With this new moon, I promise to wake up to the power I possess because it can make my corner of the world more just, joyful, and sustainably, sensually, sumptuously generative.

I sort through the rubble of my past with purpose. I find ways to make it a ritual. I find it essential to building a life of meaning. I give both the sorrow and the sweetness of my history a place to exist. Their colors complement each other. One texture tells me what to avoid. Another sound reminds me to attune myself to more of the same. One way to look at how far I have come is to feel gratitude for the journey.

I know that any amount of appreciation for my life grounds me in what is fertile here and now. I know that to build a home for myself in the world might seem impossible at times, so I start by creating a world where I am welcomed.

Applauded for what I am good at. Encouraged to grow and keep going. I pay attention to what my intuition is telling me.

Virgo and Virgo Nature and Nuances:

I thank it for the messages it sends. I track its ability to always guide me to where I need to go next. With this new moon, I make a note of the books that magically fall off my shelves, the teachers that I accidentally stumble into, and the emails that come at exactly the right moment. I know that each time I acknowledge the synchronicities of my life, I reclaim a little bit of my power.

Being overly invested in only the physical realm dulls my senses and intuitive powers. When I forget my connection to the living world, the most intense self-criticism my mind can cook up has a chance to take hold of my spirit. With this new moon, I thoroughly investigate all the murmurs in my mind that suggest I am losing, lost, or failing at life.

There are too many systems that win when I entertain self-doubt. There are too many other possibilities and potentials at play that I can and will tap into instead. There will be moments when I forget this, but they will pale in comparison to the moments when I recall my power. With the new moon, I commit this to memory. I am discerning with my resources. Not to be withholding, but to be enterprising.

Virgo and Virgo: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

I respect the limits of what I have. Within the reality of what is sustainable, an abundance of ways to get professionally creative is possible. Gluttony is basic corporate culture. I am here to build something that can see itself well into the future. And then some. With this new moon, I rededicate my resources to what keeps me refueled. With this new moon, I stitch up the holes in my pockets so that my coins can collect. With this new moon, I aim to honor all the ways in which I am breaking the mold in my professional life. It takes courage to cut through the density of outdated cultural norms.

What worked in the past but no longer has much use in the present needs to be revised. With this new moon, I work on respecting the time, energy and talent it takes to pay my bills and keep my life on track.

Virgo compatibility table

I know wins are out there, I just need to persevere in-between to get to them. I trust that everything I do in earnest is revealed eventually. I focus on directing my energy towards what works right now. I focus on channeling my creativity into projects that help me regenerate. I focus on my rebirth this Virgo Season. I trust that what I need will find its way to me, what is mine will never refuse me, and what is happening at this moment is needed and necessary.

I trust that the relationship dynamics in my life are helping me hone in on a couple of key lessons I need to learn now. Its healing process uncovers my fears, my fortunes, and my everything in-between. I am here for the whole unveiling. Closure is sacred. Endings require ritual. Saying goodbye is as important to the process as hello. Anything in my life that is wrapping up, getting reinvented, recycled, or renewed gets my blessing. I know that what I am being relieved of is clearing the way for what I need to live into. I also know that these moments can bring up sadness, loss, longing and all manner of rubble.

With this new moon, I remember that both connecting with and sorting through whatever lays in wait when I stop, is some of the most important work I can do.

Virgo compatibility

I know that so much activity happens underground before the bright light of day gets a hold of it. I refuse to mistake a snapshot of a moment for the lifetime of effort it took to arrive at. I am more interested in the insides of things. In the ways in which I work. The ways in which a life of depth is created, protected, and lived out fully.

I am more interested in making way for solutions than swimming in the sewage of self-sabotage. I know that right now there is important work to be started with those that can and will get it done alongside me. I initiate projects with the people in my life that possess the prowess needed. I am here to help make way for our collective genius to emerge. I focus on facilitating spaces that are intelligently constructed, so much so that people feel safe enough to soften into their wisdom and let it come forth.

I know each one of us carries so much baggage, and that finding ways to acknowledge it, without encouraging more of it, is key to getting to the wisdom we each have to offer. With this new moon, I cast spells of sustainable wellness in my professional life. I know that when building what may take a lifetime or longer to complete, I need pick-me-ups along the way. I focus on the little wins; the step taken, the poison extracted from the system, and the personal growth with each quality effort made. I focus on the things that I can get in order, not those that are beyond my control.

Virgo and Virgo Love Match | LoveToKnow

With this new moon, I remember that when abundance blesses me, my clarity about what to do with it keeps me progressing. The quality of the service that I can provide is the most important place to put my attention and intentions. With this new moon, I make sure to polish up any skills that have been left to languish. Connecting the dots between what I have to work with at my disposal and what I want to bring into being is what differentiates me as a leader in my field.

No matter who else comes along, right now I follow what is professionally promising and perpetually alluring to me. I know that a meaningful life is created every day, a little at a time, in the smallest of ways. What I do as a ritual becomes my way to experience the transcendent. This, of course, could manifest as marvelous action in bed! Friction of the unpleasant variety may spark between the two of you if you get stuck in a loop of being unwilling to receive!

Cancer will know what you want, and do everything possible to please you In a long-term relationship, the two of you could get worn out trying to outdo one another at the art of giving pleasure. For a quick liaison, this could be a fantastic thing! Despite what you might have thought your whole life, it can be just as much fun to receive as it is to give. This flashy, dashing, and very sexy partner will catch your eye without even trying. Like a big teddy bear, Leo will melt into your arms and lap up all the love you have to give. Although Leo can be a demanding and domineering talker outside of the bedroom, in bed this generous soul is very giving.

It might be a matter of pride for Leo to see just how many times you can be taken to the outer reaches of Nirvana! Meeting another Virgo can be quite rewarding for you both! Not only will you have similar manners, tastes, and ideas, the sexual attraction will be very mutual.

In bed, the two of you will automatically know where those hot buttons are. This is, obviously, a pretty good match for a long-term relationship. In fact, if there is such a thing, the two of you could get too comfortable together. Try not to let your love affair get into a rut. Add variety by going on little getaways, and try not to spend every minute of the day together!

Being away for a little while will give you both a chance to see why you should appreciate one another so much. The karmic lesson another Virgo will teach you is that it really is possible to find someone as kind, thoughtful, and nearly perfect as you are. Discover your inner desires now. Libra, whether male or female, is almost always beautiful in some way or other.

Because Libra is such a pathetically romantic person, even you might not live up to expectations of perfection born from fairy tale fanaticism. You love a challenge, however, and will probably be unable to resist diving right in. Expect to have a bit of a negotiation before you finally get to bed, though.

Libra wants to know that you have earned the kind of romantic devotion this airy sign is capable of giving to that one true love. Libra will also appreciate the way you jump right in there to cater to every need.

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Be careful! Someone who spends most of life somewhere between intellect and imagination will be only too happy to allow you to take care of every last physical need. This might not be a great way to sustain a long-term relationship. Make sure you set firm boundaries and state your expectations.

Getting close to Scorpio can be a scary thing for you. Scorpio will seem like your guru in many ways. Scorpio might have to take you to bed just so you can get to thinking about a whole new level of excellence! Once the sexy Scorpion wraps you in an embrace, you could feel as though your conscious mind has checked out. Scorpio is all about showing you your potential and making you ache until you have become all that you can be!

You will impress Scorpio with your knowledge and your ability to stand your ground. Having a long-term relationship with a Scorpio could be surprisingly successful. Your karmic lesson from this amazing partner will be that sex really is a form of mysticism and magic. Always allow Sagittarius enough space sometimes as much as an acre or so to exercise the wild animal that lives inside.

This can be taken figuratively as well as literally, but you should probably remove any fragile valuables in range of the action. Exuberant and excitable, Sagittarius can also be somewhat accident-prone! This could be especially true once this animalistic creature gets a load of what you can do in bed! There is no inner animal here, as this person finds it almost impossible to hide the tendency to abandon all pretense of being human while having sex. In the long term, the two of you might have to work hard to live with your respective schedules. Be sure to take your Sagittarius there. This seemingly reserved person will get you curious right away!

Here is someone you perceive as being worthy of the kind of service you like to provide. Although Capricorn will never let you know it, this very preoccupied person does need someone like you to handle the little details. One of them might be scheduling the moment you get to be in bed together.