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The next myth has to do with Hermes. Hermes was the son of Zeus and Maia, but had to stay hidden because Zeus was already married to Hera. Hermes was not happy about this arrangement and grew jealous of Zeus' son Apollo who also was not of legitimate birth, but still lived in Zeus's palace. Frustrated, Hermes began to cause trouble. When this was discovered by Apollo, Hermes responded by arguing his case with him. Charmed, Apollo took Hermes to Zeus where he promptly proceeded to tell his father about his half-brother's unfair treatment.

Zeus was amused; he could see that this swift, clever negotiator Hermes would be the perfect spokesperson for the gods.

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It became Hermes job to guide souls into the underworld, and he was given the rare gift of traveling freely through three realms: heaven, earth and the underworld. This is evident in the story of Demeter and her daughter Persephone. This story is also involved in the origin of Scorpio as you'll see further on. Leo is associated with Apollo in Roman myths, and with Helios in Greek myths. Helios was the god of the Sun. Wearing a golden helmet and accompanied by his sister Eos Dawn , Helios cut quite the dashing figure.

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Since Helios was the giver of light, he was the one to tell Hephaestus that Aphrodite was having an affair with Aries. Virgo is often associated with the virgin Astraea Star Maiden. She was the daughter of Zeus and Themis. For a while, Astraea lived on Earth and shared her ideas about justice with the mortals there. After a time, she felt that mankind had lost its capacity for high ideals, so Astraea returned to heaven and took her place among the stars, never to return.

Saturn Cronus , fed up with his tyrannical father Uranus, decided to castrate him. Once the act was complete and Uranus' genitals were tossed in the water, Aphrodite, which literally means "one who comes from foam", was born. In each set of twins, one twin is divine Pollux and Helen: the children of Zeus and one set mortal Castor and Clytaemnestra: the children of the human King Tyndareus.

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As a result, the Gemini archetype embodies our awareness of having a divine twin, a twin soulmate other, or in the end what we are really talking about may be our own Soul presence we desire to more fully embody. Through the science of Astronomy, we know that what we call Castor in the constellation is actually a binary system consisting of two stars in close proximity that revolve around one another. Instead, Hillman writes of a daimon concept that is like the calling of our unique soul pattern, and instead posits that what has happened to us has happened because of the formed soul we already have within us at birth, the special gift we have to give the world that needs to be developed, and so we experience what we experience in order to strengthen and expand this unique soul talent or skill, and if we self-actualize this gift of our soul we will have found our calling in the world around us.

This is also the realm of Persephone. The daughter of Demeter and Zeus, she felt the call to become perhaps the most powerful Queen of all, one who could enjoy the fruits of the upperworld as well as mediate in the afterlife and world of Spirit. She was meant to descend into the underworld, and she took responsibility to ensure that she would be a success in her role.

Persephone is a bridge between the world of Soul and Spirit and the world of flesh and Human Being, and becomes the High Priestess who mediates between both worlds. This early struggle of hers mirrors our younger self who struggles with the dualistic perception of our physical form and etheric soul form, between the longings we are led to believe we should have from our physical environment and the longings we sense from deep within us. As Persephone steps more fully into alignment and integrity with her role as Queen, she serves as a role model for how we can become less split and fragmented and more whole in the way we integrate our awareness of our soul nature into our daily life and responsibilities.

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Persephone being connected with the north node of the Moon at this recent lunar eclipse could have correlated with us experiencing events connected to our own soul issues with the Dark Goddess, an opportunity to become more aware of the Shadow sides to our nature. Issues or aspects of ourselves we tend to be in denial of, that we pretend are not really there, may have recently been emerging in our reality for us to deal with.

This is because- surprise- these issues really are something we must acknowledge and take responsibility for, and most likely they are also connected with past life karma or patterns. Any situations we may have been drawn into recently, no matter how difficult, are most likely connected with our soul path and for whatever reason on a soul level we are meant to have faced whatever difficult trials and tests we have been experiencing. In fact, there may have even been a side to the difficulties that called out to us like a siren, something about our future direction calling to us from the events surrounding the experience.

This feeling is similar to the idea of Persephone being drawn into following Hades into the Underworld in some way. She was looking at the act of looking. She was about to pick it. And, at that very moment, she was herself plucked away by the invisible toward the invisible. Kore, the pupil, was thus on a threshold. She was on the brink of meeting a gaze in which she would have seen herself. She was stretching out her hand to pluck that gaze. But Hades burst upon the scene. And Kore was plucked away by Hades.

The pupil of the Pupil was met by another pupil, in which it saw itself. And that pupil belonged to the world of the invisible. For it was in that eye, as he carried her off, that Kore saw herself reflected. It was then that this girl within the eye became the pupil for us all. Never forget how powerful and primordial Persephone is, the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, and so it is not surprising she could see something of herself in the powerful presence of Hades, the Lord of the Underworld. The time had come for the Spirit world of Souls and the material world of Human Beings to become more connected, with Human Beings beginning to feel more of their soul life and memories through their lifetime in flesh and physical form.

Persephone, who transforms her abduction experience into wisdom and empowers herself with the mysteries of life, death, and the spirit world. Persephone alternates between two worlds- the living and the dead, the light and the dark, the conscious and the unconscious- in order to bring balance and equilibrium into her being.

As we age with each subsequent nodal return at age 19, 38, 57,. When we come across Persephone in our life, we are often dealing with issues that have been encircling us for more than one lifetime. Deep and at times dark emotions will help to dissolve the dualistic perception that we are separate from one another, and we will begin to feel on a more tangible level how we are all One, and that nurturing a greater empathic connection between all people could help all of us survive to a greater extent heading into whatever could be coming our way in the future.

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During this current time period there has been a trine going on between Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio, and now Pisces Neptune is also trine to Persephone in Scorpio. The process of this integration of our undescended and descended being is intense and alchemical on a psychological level, but brings the possibility of previously unconscious soul desires becoming integrated into our awareness and eventually with discipline into a more balanced expression in our daily life and communication.

So be it! In this way it becomes a problem for her to cling to a sense of a purity of Spirit while avoiding the descent into the darker aspects of nature- in truth everything is not light and purity in the world.

As a result, the side of Spirit must descend into the Ego in order to learn how to ascend. Ultimately, through this work of integrating our shadow and dark goddess sides we bring about the possibility of becoming mature spiritual beings. Persephone in this way embodies both of the major feminine archetypes of the tarot, the Empress and the High Priestess, once she has become her mature spiritual self. In contrast, before we become our mature spiritual self, the Persephone archetype can link us to the shadow sides of these two cards, through our undescended ignornace of the depths of our being, or our inability to figure out how to integrate the descended side of our self.

In this situation, an undescended Persephone could be like a sterotypical New Age Empress traipsing about proclaiming an abundance of rainbows and unicorns in the world so to speak, and yet since she has not dealt with her own dark side, her behavior often comes off as overly controlling, smothering, emotionally needy, or emotionally barren. In contrast, an over emphasis on the descended High Priestess side of our nature could lead us to having difficulty ascending back into the earthy love of the Empress, having us come off as more cold, intellectual, secretive, dreamy, or escapist.

This process of making a decision to become whole, and following through with choices in our daily life to align to a greater extent with our soul nature, makes me think of another tarot card, The Lovers. This is because The Lovers can be about us making the choice to merge with our other, but this other does not have to be another lover, this merging can occur within our soul in order to become more whole. The Lovers can also relate to any major decision for us to make, so along these lines of soul thought, the card would relate to this time if we are faced with a significant choice to make to come into more alignment with the integrity of our soul.

And perfect for this time at the end of May in which Persephone is conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, correlating with an increased capacity for us to follow through in this endeavor, the astrological sign associated with The Lovers is Gemini. He would possess them, then abandon them. But Hades wanted Kore as his bride, wanted to have a living person sitting on the throne beside him. We could say that with this demand death aimed to inflict a further outrage on the earth above.

But it is precisely now, in its insolence, that death deceives itself. The slender-ankled Persephone was the supple arrow Aprhrodite ordered Eros to let fly at Hades. The two kingdoms were thrown off balance, each opening up to the other. Hades imposed an absence on earth, imposed a situation where every presence was now enveloped in a far greater cloak of absence. So let us drink to Persephone tonight- that is if you drink- or if not, let us honor Persephone through ritual or intention today. The glyph, or symbol, for Ceres is represented here. The crescent receptivity is placed over the cross matter.

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