Taurus horoscope 1 january

Bon voyage, Gemini!

Your Horoscope for the Week of January 14

Boost morale with affirmations. Aquarius season begins on Sunday and has you craving more intimacy and authenticity in your relationships.

The eclipse inspires internal security, wealth, consistency, and strength. Winter wanderlust, Leo? A romantic chapter begins for you on Sunday with the start of Aquarius season. Also on Sunday, the eclipse in Leo inspires closure from ex-partners so you can open your heart more fully to current lovers. Let it all go, and fall in love again with optimism. You already know two is better than one, Libra.

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Your relationship skills are legendary! On Friday, tell the truth to a partner who needs to hear it—you can still be delicate and honest. Aquarius season begins a season of confidence and creativity! Pay attention, Scorpio! Your eyes can handle the invisible world, but the physical one needs your focus now. Commit to your health, wellness, and personal growth. Aquarius season on Sunday has you searching for the places and people that feel like home, and the eclipse lights up your career sector—a big change is coming where you need it professionally!

Taurus Horoscope For Wednesday, October 9,

Courage, Sagittarius! The world is in awe of your candor and vulnerability. Is it time to to tell a special someone how you feel?

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Do it on Friday. Your curiosity peaks when Aquarius season begins on Sunday. Adventures in travel await you with open arms thanks to the eclipse. Happy birthday, Capricorn! Friday helps you find the philosophies to improve your emotional health. Stay strong, focused, and brave.

Friday reunites you with friends to get you out of your funk.

Slow and steady, Pisces! Take in the sweet smell of the mountains. Hopefully you let the travel bug get the better of you once again! Some of you are dreaming about something more long-term, like volunteering for an extended period, signing up for a workaway or moving to another country.

Start preparing pronto!

Taurus Health & Wellness Horoscope

The Universe is sending its blessings. Do you really want to start the new year on this note? Take a moment to understand the other side of the story. Chances are, they were not trying to hurt you; they were simply operating from a space of fear. Be the bigger person, Capricorn. Hold space for an open and honest conversation. The secret: embracing authenticity and owning your gifts.

PS: The world is ready for a revolution. Cosmic tip: You plan to make the most of the days ahead of you by taking a whole lot of chances. You wake up to a full-blown existential crisis. What is the meaning of life? Word to the wise: stop thinking and start feeling. Be in the present. Experience the miracle of life and everything it is unfolding.

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Allow yourself to find happiness in the small things. This is the true meaning of spirituality. Cosmic tip: Be present to this moment. Illustrations by Shweta Malhotra Aries horoscope today Ready, set, go! Cosmic tip: Ready, set, go! Aries, this is your chance to conquer the world.

The moon is in Scorpio today.

Taurus horoscope today Passion is always the secret ingredient. Cosmic tip: Embrace your sexuality completely. Awaken the goddess within.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope: January 2018

Cosmic tip: Your creative side is yearning to be nurtured. Cosmic tip: A monumental celebration is on the cards. Leo horoscope today How much is too much? Cosmic tip: Adopt a diet that nourishes you on a mind-body-soul level. Virgo horoscope today If not now, then when? Cosmic tip: If you like it, then you want to put a ring on it. Scorpio horoscope today Write them a letter. Sagittarius horoscope today Rise and shine, Sagittarius! Cosmic tip: Long-term travel is on the cards for you.

Capricorn horoscope today Breathe. Cosmic tip: A little bit of compassion will take you a long way. Pisces horoscope today You wake up to a full-blown existential crisis.